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Food Psych #19: Chicken Issues

Jackie Kashian comedian chicken food fat acceptance

Comedian Jackie Kashian has a real chicken tooth. Hear why she wants to eat all the chicken, how she dealt with her family's fat-phobia, and lots more!

Jackie Kashian's comedy is like listening to a really racy episode of All Things Considered. She is comic, writer, and occasional actor... she just did her first late night set on the Conan O’Brien show, has a half hour special on Comedy Central and has recorded an episode of This American Life with Ira Glass, Her latest CD, "It Is Never Going To Be Bread" was one of the top ten comedy albums of the year on Amazon. She hosts a weekly cult fave podcast called "The Dork Forest" where she creates a safe space for people to admit that thing they dork out about more than anyone. Find her at