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Food Psych #2: Unholy Appetites

This episode explores what happens to people's relationships to food when they grow up with strict religious dietary laws and then walk away from religion.

First we talk with Pervaiz Shallwani, a Brooklyn-based journalist and classically trained cook who was raised Muslim and is now obsessed with pork.

Then we chat with a psychologist who wants to remain nameless (and therefore un-Googleable), but we'll reveal his identity on the podcast! This insightful and delightful mystery guest left the Orthodox Jewish faith during college and now has a boundless appetite for non-kosher foods, but a certain chocolate babka still holds a special place in his heart.

Note from Christy in March 2016: I’ve learned so much since starting to record the podcast in early 2013, and you’ll probably hear some places where my understanding of nutrition, eating disorders, and body image has evolved since I made these episodes. (Be sure to check out the latest season for more a up-to-date snapshot of my philosophy!) While this episode has been edited to remove overtly triggering material, listener discretion is still advised due to some guests' discussions of ongoing eating issues.