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Food Psych #30: Culinary Comedy

Greg Brown comedian chef food

Comedian and chef Greg Brown shares a ton of fascinating food-psych stories, including how he got a group of female professional cyclists to stop their disordered eating habits, why he doesn't want to be thought of as a balanced eater, how working in a restaurant nearly killed him (for real), and lots more.     

Greg Brown was voted class president of the 3rd grade, twice. He is bestselling cookbook author and and national touring stand-up comedian. Greg is a frequent food correspondent and comic for the Huffington Post and is currently writing a cookbook based on what cooks and chefs eat when they get off from work. He does a stand-up comedy tour for culinary schools called "Bacon and Greg's," where he makes fun of vegans, endorses eggnog and explains why rappers shouldn't drink expensive wine. He founded the Laugh Your Asheville Off comedy festival in North Carolina, which will be held August 12-16 this year. He also likes to talk about himself in 3rd person. Find him online at