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Food Psych #35: Get a Better Body Image with Michelle Fetsch

Michelle Fetsch women enough

In this episode we talk with Michelle Fetsch, the founder of Women Enough, an organization that works with women to improve their body image. Michelle shares how she developed an eating disorder at an early age, why she finally reached a breaking point with her negative body image, how her relationship to food has improved, and lots more. 

A teen runaway at 15, turned corporate America girl at age 19, and later founder of the first and annually largest TEDxWomen event on the planet- her superpower is believing in, standing for and creating space for all women to rise.

She combines her superpowers of believing and achieving in a way that gives women permission to take on their dreams. Her intuitive expertise in branding combined with her relentless promotion skills support women in having successful, supported and celebrated launches. Find her at womenenough.com and on Twitter @Women_Enough

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