Food Psych #31.5: Getting Started with Food Psych and Body Positivity


New to Food Psych? Listen to this episode for a quick overview of the podcast and a guide to getting started! Whether you're new to the body-acceptance movement, recovering from an eating disorder, considering giving up diets, or already a hardcore Health at Every Size and intuitive eating fan, this podcast is for you! 

(This episode was created in January of 2018; it's just marked with a 2014 publication date to ensure it shows up first in the podcast feed.)

Episodes mentioned:

  • #127: Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size FAQs with Ashley Seruya

  • #106: How to Stop Pursuing Weight Loss with writer and activist Ijeoma Oluo

  • #121: The Truth About Diet Culture with cultural historian Emily Contois

  • #99: How to Fight Diet Culture & Find Fat Acceptance with author Lindy West

  • #94: How to Leave the Religion of Dieting with religious scholar and journalist Alan Levinovitz

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