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Welcome to Ask Food Psych! 

This is a special bonus series that ran from 2015-2016 for our monthly Patreon supporters, and is now only available to Food Psych Premium members like you! Explore all the episodes below:

#18: Emotional Eating, Plus a Big Announcement 

I answer a listener question about emotional eating, and share some important info about the future of Ask Food Psych and this Premium content.

#17: Pregnancy, Self- Compassion, & Clothes

I answer questions about pregnancy and body image, how to have self-compassion even when you don't want to, and why clothes can be such huge triggers feelings of failure.   

#16: Body Positivity and Bingeing

I answer a question from a listener who writes that finding body positivity unexpectedly made her feel like she has license to binge.   

#15: Anti-Diet Mantras

I answer a question from one of the students in my intuitive eating online course, who asked  for mantras to use in combatting the diet mentality whenever it arises. 

It was such a great question that I decided to offer the answer to all of my lovely Food Psych Premium subscribers here :) (For those of you who are also enrolled in the course, there's a new PDF of all the mantras in Module 2!)

This episode also contains an important announcement about some upcoming improvements to how you guys get this Food Psych Premium content, so be sure to listen to the end of the episode, and keep an eye on your inboxes for more about the changes! 

#14: Self-Compassion and the Diet Mentality

I answer a few questions from students in my online course, about how to start practicing self-compassion when it's a totally foreign concept, and how to recognize thoughts that are coming from the diet mentality. These questions, and many more, will be part of my monthly Q&A for online course students at the end of the month, but y'all get them early for being such great supporters of the podcast!

#13: Intuitive Eating and Weight Gain

I answer a question from a listener who is concerned that while she's rejected the diet mentality and started eating foods she loves, her weight might be creeping up past her set point. 

#12: Learning Intuitive Eating

In this episode I answer a listener question about how to get started with intuitive eating after a long history of dieting, restricting, and self-blame.

#11: How to Tell a Partner about Your Food Issues

This week's question comes from a listener who asks about the best way to begin telling a romantic partner about a lifelong, private struggle with disordered eating. 

#10: Healing Parental Relationships

In this episode I answer a great question from a listener in recovery from an eating disorder, who wants to know how to repair a relationship with a parent who is still stuck in her own disordered eating behaviors. 

#9: FULL Recovery from Eating Disorders

I answer a great question from a listener about whether full recovery from eating disorders is possible, and what it looks like if so. I share a bit of my recovery story as well as my perspective as a clinician. Spoiler alert: Full recovery is totally possible! I'll explain why in the episode :)

#8: Illness and Appetite

In this episode I answer a listener's question about why we lose our appetites when we get sick, and how to handle this disruption while in recovery from an eating disorder. 

#7: Rebellious Eating

This week I answer a listener's question about how to stop using food to rebel against people in her life who want her to lose weight, and how to embrace Intuitive Eating even if it does result in weight loss. 

#6: Is BMI Dead?

I answer questions from listeners and clients about this new study that challenges the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and health.

#5: How to Handle Fullness

In this episode I answer a question from a listener who is well into her recovery from an eating disorder, but still has some anxiety when she feels truly FULL. I discuss tips for figuring out what fullness means to you, how to challenge yourself to experience it differently, and more. 

#4: Intuitive Eating with Diabetes

This week I answer a great question from a listener about how to navigate Intuitive Eating while also trying to manage Type 2 Diabetes. I talk about blood sugar management for everyone (not just people with diabetes), and offer some practices to help tune into your body and overcome the fear that creeps into your food choices.

For lots more on Intuitive Eating, check out my 13-week online course or my 5-day mini course!


#3: How to Handle a "Bad Body Image Day"

In the latest installment of our Q&A bonus series, I offer six helpful tips for getting through one of those days when you just feel bad about your body.

#2: Eating Disorders and Gender

In our second bonus episode, I answer a great question from a listener about how disordered eating manifests in men vs. women. We discuss the increasing body image pressures on men, why trying to "get big" can be just as detrimental as trying to get thin, and how listeners of all genders can get help.

#1: "Controlling" Your Diet

I'm so happy to share our first premium bonus episode! I answer a great question from a listener about vegetarianism and the line between "controlling" your diet in a healthy way (if that's even possible) and disordered eating.