Are you done with diets and rules, and ready to start honoring your hunger and your desires?

Do you want to approach food and movement from a place of self-care, intuition, and compassion? 

Do you want to stop feeling guilty whenever you eat a cookie?

You believe in intuitive eating, body acceptance, and social justice, and you KNOW you have the capacity to give up dieting, but you haven’t been able to do it on your own.

You don’t have an eating disorder, but you sense that you could have a much better relationship with food and your body than you do right now.

You know you have WAY more important things to do with your life than obsessing over eating and exercise.

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You want it to be joyful, easy, and just not that big a deal.


I know what that feels like. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who started out in this place, and a decade ago I felt the same way myself. 

For YEARS I was perpetually dieting, when all I wanted was to just be cool with food.

I criticized my body, restricted what I ate, overexercised, and then ate to the point of discomfort when the deprivation got to be too much. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I had a successful career as a food and nutrition journalist, but behind the scenes I was struggling with my own food and body issues and feeling deeply ashamed. 

I even went to graduate school to study nutrition, hoping it would finally provide me with the control over food that I so desperately wanted.


Thankfully my research led me to the concept of intuitive eating, and things look a lot different now.

I realized that weighing myself, counting calories, and overexercising were the root of the problem—NOT the solution.

I learned that my struggles with food weren’t an individual problem, and they weren’t because I was “broken”—they came from living in a society where systemic fatphobia and body shame are pushed on ALL of us in thousands of ways, every single day.

Through my training and the help of a compassionate counselor, I was able to let go of disordered eating and dieting for good. Now it's my mission to help others heal.

In 2013 I launched Food Psych, which is now one of the world's most popular health podcasts, helping tens of thousands of listeners each week develop peaceful relationships with food. 

I also started a coaching practice and became a certified intuitive eating counselor so that I could teach others the same methods that had helped me.

Intuitive eating helped me find my voice and my purpose. And I know you're capable of the same kind of transformation—whatever that looks like for you.

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Are you ready to create YOUR version of life beyond dieting?

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In my private coaching program, we'll work together to heal your relationship with food—so that you can focus on all the other important relationships in your life. 

    We'll help you get psyched not only about food, but also about who you are when you're no longer consumed by thoughts of food and your body.

    I’ve designed this program specifically for you if:

    •  You’re excited to finally break free from diet culture’s rules and start honoring your own inner wisdom about food and movement
    • You’re ready to let go of conventional wisdom about weight and start practicing body acceptance and Health at Every Size (HAES)
    • You know you have SO much more to offer the world than how you look or what you eat, and you're committed to becoming that version of yourself.

    This program is NOT right for you if you’re currently struggling with an active eating disorder. If you're looking for eating disorder treatment, check out the free referral service at instead.

    This program is also NOT for you if you’re actively pursuing weight loss, or if you’re unwilling to give up harmful dieting behaviors like counting calories and tracking macros. There are plenty of other coaches out there who sell that stuff, but I don’t do intentional weight loss, FOR ANYONE, EVER. 

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      This program is for people who are ready to stop dieting and start living fully.


      My past and current clients have come in bodies of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, and orientations. 

      Through our work together, they’ve accomplished amazing things including:

      • Getting back in touch with their hunger and fullness cues
      • Rooting out the diet mentality, even in its sneakiest forms
      • Giving up the pursuit of weight loss 
      • Rediscovering pleasure and satisfaction in food
      • Making peace with even their scariest “off-limits” foods 
      • Trading in obligatory exercise for joyful movement  
      • Treating themselves with more compassion than they ever thought possible
      • Stepping away from the scale and never looking back
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      In Food PSYCHED, we'll work through these 10 key areas to create food and body freedom:



      Defining where you are and where you’re going, with compassion

      Before diving into changing your relationship with food, we need to get a clear sense of what your current challenges are. This kind of self-assessment can bring up difficult emotions, so we’ll explore how to meet them with kindness and compassion. I’ll show you how to: 

      • Use self-compassion practices to make sustainable changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and relationship with yourself 
      • Determine your current barriers to a peaceful relationship with food, and develop a clear sense of what you want instead
      • Become aware of your inner critic and start challenging its messages
      • Skillfully navigate tough moments in your journey to life beyond dieting


      Ditching the diet mentality and challenging food rules

      Transforming your relationship with food means shifting your thinking away from the diet mentality and into a new paradigm. Before you can trust your body’s wisdom, you need to practice replacing harmful diet-based beliefs with more compassionate, balanced, and helpful ones. Get ready to:

      • Recognize the subtle diet rules and restrictions you’ve been holding onto, and let them go
      • Learn why dieting and attempting to change your body isn't serving you (or anyone, for that matter!)
      • Install new thoughts that support you in creating the joyful and easy relationship with food that you desire and deserve
      • And lots more!


      Recognizing and honoring your body's needs

      Knowing and trusting your body's signals is essential for a peaceful relationship with food—and, at a deeper level, a peaceful relationship with yourself. We’ll uncover your inner wisdom about hunger and fullness, and help you build faith in its power to guide you. Get ready to:

      • Learn what hunger cues feel like for you—and discover the subtle signals you may have been missing 
      • Bust myths about hunger and fullness that are perpetuated by diet culture
      • Learn why there’s no such thing as a “perfect” level of fullness
      • Find out why intuitive eating is about so much more than just “eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full”
      • And more!


      Making peace with food and honoring desires

      Becoming an intuitive eater means opening up to ALL foods, not just the ones that diets have told you are “safe” or “healthy.” By allowing yourself unconditional permission to eat, you then get to ask yourself what you truly WANT to eat, and honor that desire. Get ready to:

      • Open up to your “off-limits” foods in a systematic way that makes you feel safe and empowered
      • Understand why you feel so compelled to eat “forbidden” foods, and what you can do to change that 
      • Navigate what I call the “honeymoon phase” of intuitive eating, when you ONLY want to eat those previously off-limits foods
      • And more! 


      Finding pleasure and satisfaction in food

      Being able to get pleasure and satisfaction from food is ESSENTIAL for making intuitive eating “stick” long-term. The diet mentality demonizes pleasure, and it’s normal to have some fear about eating foods you truly enjoy when you’re first starting to give up dieting. I’m excited to show you how liberating and nourishing it really is to take pleasure in food. Get ready to:

      • Awaken your palate to new and exciting flavors 
      • Discover how to bring more joy into your cooking and eating
      • Feel confident in your food choices, knowing that pleasure will guide you toward balance and nourishment
      • And more! 


      Making food choices from a place of self-care, not self-control

      Life with the diet mentality is all about imposing external control on your eating and movement. Shaming, blaming, criticizing, and berating yourself for your food and activity choices are the hallmarks of external control—but if you want a peaceful relationship with food, you have to let go of these tactics and learn to approach food and your body from a place of self-care instead. Get ready to:

      • Discover my three keys to making food choices without external control, and why that leads to far better health outcomes
      • Learn some essential self-care practices for letting go of rules and restrictions
      • Feel confident and secure in your ability to take care of your needs with food
      • Approach nutrition from a place of self-care and body acceptance, NOT self-control and body shame


      Navigating emotional eating

      If you’ve ever experienced emotional eating, you know how distressing it can feel. Yet emotional eating is nothing to be afraid of, and in fact it can be surprisingly easy to navigate with practice. Get ready to: 

      • Learn why emotional eating is unfairly criticized in our society 
      • Gain clarity on what emotional eating is trying to tell you 
      • Discover ways to take care of yourself emotionally IN ADDITION to (not instead of) eating
      • Reduce the frequency and intensity of emotional eating episodes
      • And more! 


      Respecting and accepting your body

      Body acceptance is an essential pillar of intuitive eating, but it can be elusive. We’ll work together to help you build respect for your body, break down unhelpful thoughts about its size and appearance, and help you feel confident in your ability to care for ALL of your physical needs. Get ready to:

      • Learn how to handle bad body image days
      • Discover the power of BEING in your body, rather than judging it from the outside 
      • Navigate your body’s unique strengths and limitations without judgment
      • Feel genuinely accepting (maybe even loving) toward your body 


      Learning intuitive movement

      For most ex-dieters, the word “exercise” has some bad associations. We’ll explore other ways of relating to movement that don’t have anything to do with the diet mentality. Get ready to:

      • Find joyful ways of moving your body, and let go of obligatory and punishing exercise.
      • Apply intuitive eating skills to your relationship with physical activity, and tune in to your body’s cues about movement and rest
      • Learn how to stop using exercise to compensate for your eating
      • And lots more!   


      From intuitive eating to intuitive living

      I’ve seen it time and time again in my coaching: when people go through all of these steps to learn to eat intuitively, inevitably it ignites their intuition in other areas of life. It also can be challenging living as an intuitive eater in diet culture, so we’ll talk about practices for keeping your intuition strong even when people around you are in the throes of dieting. Get ready to: 

      • Reflect on how your life has changed already, and what your ongoing goals are for life beyond dieting  
      • Strengthen your boundaries in relationships
      • Learn to navigate the inevitable diet-culture triggers you’ll encounter 
      • Open up to new possibilities for your life and future 
      • And more! 
      Christy’s approach is the anthesis to diet culture. When she introduced me to the concepts of HAES, intuitive eating, fat positivity and size as a social justice issue, everything made sense. The ideas were radical and totally different to anything I had encountered before, but they felt so right. I am so grateful that Christy introduced me to these movements—it made recovery from disordered eating possible where it hadn’t been previously. Because of this I really do have my life back, and I can look forward to a future free from worries about food and weight.
      — Libby, coaching client
      When I met Christy I immediately found a safe space to land, and her way of working made things so clear to me. Her knowledge is enormous, and so much shifted for me in our sessions. I truly recommend Christy.
      — Johanna, coaching client
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      Program Details


      Your 5-month private coaching program with me includes:


      • Welcome packet and orientation materials to get you started on your journey right away
      • Ten 60-minute coaching calls over the 5-month program period (meeting every other week)
      • Two 15-minute check-in calls to troubleshoot any pressing issues between coaching calls 
      • As much email support as you need for the duration of your program
      • Enrollment in my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course, including 13 modules packed with multimedia tools and actionable exercises, exclusive Q&A podcasts with answers to hundreds of member questions, and private course Facebook group to connect with fellow participants.
      The gratitude that I feel for Christy, her team, and the Facebook group cannot even be put into words right now. I am at a place that I never imagined was actually possible for me. It is amazing, liberating, humbling, and exhilarating. This course saved me! It gave me such a deep understanding of intuitive eating as well as of myself. I gave up dieting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      — Kristina, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
      I’m so grateful to have found you and your work, Christy. You are such a great fit for me — you’re so compassionate, so rooted in science, and so supportive. It’s really great having your encouragement and insights as I get deeper and deeper into the world of Health at Every Size and intuitive eating. This whole journey has been nothing short of a revelation for me, and I look forward to our continued work together.
      — Meredith, coaching client

      Your Investment: $5,000 USD

      Payment plan option: 3 payments of $1,833

      You'll learn the tools for building an intuitive, sustainable relationship with food, and create the opportunity to save yourself from EVER having to spend another dollar on diet products or nutrition programs.


      Get the support you need to reclaim your relationship with food.

      You don't have to wait one second longer to have the freedom you deserve.   

      Imagine feeling relaxed around food, at ease in your body, and free to think about the millions of bigger, more meaningful things you can do with your time on this planet. 

      It’s your time to start living life on your terms—a life that you're PSYCHED about.

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      Are you ready to create YOUR version of life beyond dieting?


      Book your FREE 30-minute discovery call to learn more and see if this program is a good fit for you!