Food Psych Archives #6-10

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Archive Album Vol. 2.png

Food Psych Archives #6-10


This is Volume 2 of Food Psych's archives, which are now exclusively available as Premium content. It includes live episodes with Marc Maron, Chemda Khalili, and Aisha Tyler; The Big Cheese; and Kitchen Psych.

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While this album has been edited to remove overtly triggering material, listener discretion is still advised due to some guests' discussions of ongoing eating disorders.

The album includes:

#6: Marc Maron (published 10/8/13). Comedian/podcaster/delightful man Marc Maron chats about pizza guilt, feeling fat, his mom’s anorexia, his own history of addiction, and more.

#7: Chemda Khalili at LA Podfest (published 10/8/13). The delightful Chemda—co-host of the Keith and the Girl podcast and host of the What's My Name Show—on making good food choices, being an adult, why great home cooking will mess you up for life, and more.

#8: Aisha Tyler at LA Podfest (published 10/8/13). Aisha Tyler—actor, podcaster, comedian, and general badass—discusses her amazingly grounded relationship to food, one of the few times it got off track, and more.

#9: The Big Cheese (published 10/15/13), actor/model Jamie Aderski and actor/comedian Erick Hellwig discuss fond cheese-related memories, family food habits, emotional eating, body image, and lots more.

#10: Kitchen Psych (published 10/22/13). Chef Saul Bolton discusses his family's relationship to food, his (very sane) philosophy on managing a kitchen staff, his new restaurant in the Brooklyn Museum, and more.