Food Psych Archives #11-15

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Food Psych Archives #11-15


This is Volume 3 of Food Psych's archives, which are now exclusively available as Premium content. It includes the episodes: Sweet Sobriety, Unemotional Eaters, Anorex-ish, Food Hurts, and Feed Yourself.

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While this album has been edited to remove overtly triggering material, listener discretion is still advised due to some guests' discussions of ongoing eating disorders.

The album includes:

#11: Sweet Sobriety (published 10/29/13). Improviser Chris Chromak shares how he kicked booze and got hooked on sweets, and comedian/actor Micah Sherman discusses his struggles with alcohol and love of vegan cookies.

#12: Unemotional Eaters (published 11/5/13). Food writer Matthew Amster-Burton and comedian Lucas Hazlett both say they have no major food issues. We'll see about that! Matthew shares how he developed a relatively healthy relationship to food and an obsession with Asian cuisine, Lucas reveals why dinner is a difficult meal for him, and lots more.

#13: Anorex-ish (published 11/19/13). Christy talks to two food professionals who struggled with symptoms of anorexia but were never diagnosed with eating disorders, and she publicly shares her own eating disorder history for the first time. Lauren Rauh is a chef and caterer who just launched a company called Hell or Highwater. Louise McCready Hart is a writer and editor who primarily covers food. We'll hear when and why all three ladies developed disordered relationships to food, what drew them to culinary careers, how they worked to overcome their restrictive eating habits, and lots more.

#14: Food Hurts (published 12/3/13). Christy talks to two guests whose relationships to food were shaped in part by pain. Writer/editor Jonathan Vatner suffers from Crohn's disease, a digestive disorder that has led him to have some difficult feelings about bread. Comedy performer and producer Gina Fitch has trouble with bread, too, so in the interview we stick to butternut squash. This episode has it all: Insight, tasty treats, laughter, and even a few tears.

#15: Feed Yourself (published 1/17/13). Comedian/actor Meg Griffiths Anderson discusses family meals, going sober, dinner-party perfectionism, why she has a hard time with self-care, and lots more!