Ask Food Psych, Vol. 1

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Ask Food Psych Album Cover.png

Ask Food Psych, Vol. 1


Ask Food Psych is our Premium bonus series, where Christy answers listener questions about Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, eating disorders, and more. Filled with bite-size tips for improving your relationship to food.

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Volume 1 contains the first 6 episodes in the series, with an hour of great content including:

  • Why "controlling" your diet takes you away from intuition, and what to do instead
  • How eating disorders manifest differently depending on gender
  • How to handle a "bad body image day"
  • How to use Intuitive Eating with diabetes
  • How to handle feelings of fullness
  • Why Body Mass Index (BMI) is BS

Get Volume 1 today, and stay tuned for more volumes to come!