About Our Pricing

From time to time, I get emails from people asking about the pricing for my courses and services, expressing that the prices feel prohibitively high for them. I fully understand that response, and it’s an issue across our industry as both providers and clients try to navigate the problematic system of capitalism. I’d like to offer some background to help you understand how I’ve arrived at my pricing structure (which can also help give insight into pricing in the health/wellness field as a whole). 

As you probably know, I produce a free podcast called Food Psych every week to help people heal their relationships with food, and it’s the flagship product in my business. It reaches tens of thousands of regular listeners around the world, thousands of whom have written in to say that the podcast is helping them heal their disordered eating and make peace with their bodies. 

Food Psych has very high production values that help it consistently rank among iTunes’ top 100 health podcasts, which in turn helps me provide critical support to far more people than I could if I didn’t pour as many resources into the podcast. Not only does it take many hours each week to produce, but it also costs quite a bit of money, which I gladly pay because I want everyone to have free access to high-quality content that helps them heal from diet culture.

I also have a transcriptionist whom I pay to transcribe every episode, and we’re working our way through all the back episodes as well, so that the podcast is on its way to being 100% accessible to people with hearing impairments (and people who just would rather read the information instead of listening). I do this at great expense, but again I’m happy to pay for it because I know how important this kind of inclusiveness is.

I do have occasional ads from sponsors on the podcast, and while those help offset some of the costs of making it, they don’t even come close to covering all of them. I also turn down probably 95 percent of interested sponsors because they don’t fully align with my anti-diet, size-acceptance values, and I would rather forego the money than have some listeners be harmed by my promoting brands that could undermine their healing from diet culture.

In addition to the podcast, I have a popular Instagram feed where I publish daily quotes and captions to support people’s recovery. Like the podcast, my Instagram account reaches tens of thousands of people around the world and costs nothing to access. It’s also automatically republished to my Facebook page, where I reach thousands more people. Since producing this social media content is tremendously labor-intensive, I have an associate who helps me make the inspirational memes and suggests ideas for the captions, and I pay her handsomely for her time. I also have a number of other independent contractors helping with different aspects of my business, whom I compensate very fairly and without whom I wouldn’t be able to produce all the free content that my audience finds so helpful.

That free content includes my weekly email newsletter, where I offer thought-provoking, actionable guidance to help subscribers heal their relationships with food and their bodies. Some of those emails I ultimately publish as blog posts, which are also free to access (and which include some content exclusive to the blog as well).

Over the years I’ve had thousands of people tell me that my free content alone has helped them transform their relationships with food. These are folks who've never enrolled in any of my paid programs, who just got so much value out of the content I was sharing pro bono that they didn’t even need to pay for my services. Some of these folks have been inspired by the podcast to work with a local treatment team, or have had their providers recommend it for support between sessions. Some of these folks are providers, and they tell me my podcast has transformed both how they work with their clients and how they relate to food in their own lives. Every week I get messages from people saying things like, "this podcast has completely re-shaped how I think about food, my body, and the importance of self-compassion," and "these emails are saving my life."

A large part of the reason I can produce such effective resources is because of the many years I've spent honing my craft. I’ve worked in the field of nutrition for 8 years, and I’ve also been a professional journalist for close to 16 years. Through that experience I’ve gained invaluable expertise and clinical wisdom that I share with folks both in my free content and my paid programs. I’m widely recognized as a leading voice in the field of intuitive eating, eating disorders, and diet-culture recovery, and I have a waiting list of dozens of people wanting to work with me one-on-one. I say that not to brag but to help explain that my services are very much in demand, which in a capitalistic system generally equates to higher rates in any line of work.

On a personal level, I'll share that I went to a very expensive graduate program in order to get the education and credentials that I have, and as a result I have student loan debt that I’m sure would make your jaw drop. (If I had it to do over again, I’d certainly make a different choice now.) I’m currently the primary earner in my household, part of a growing tide of women and femmes who are starting to reverse the centuries-old patriarchal tradition of men holding the purse strings. My husband and I are committed to consistently donating a percentage of our earnings to charitable causes we believe in, and we’re also working toward being able to afford to grow our family, a goal in which my salary plays a huge role. I’m excited to one day hopefully be able to model for my kids that not only do women and people of other gender identities deserve equal pay as cisgender men, but we also have the chops to be badass business owners who support our families if we need or choose to. 

I’ve taken all of these factors into consideration when setting my prices, and I’ve thought long and hard about how to charge in an equitable way while also taking care of my team members, my business, my family, and my community. The solution I’ve arrived at is to offer several tiers of products and services to help people at all income levels, including: 

  1. The many free resources discussed above, which everyone is welcome to use for their healing at no cost whatsoever;

  2. Low-cost paid products, including a $19 mini-course, and soon to be a book from a major publisher at standard book prices;

  3. My Master Your Anti-Diet Message course for health professionals and anti-diet activists, and my Food Psych Premium membership for superfans of the podcast who want to dive deeper into my early work;

  4. My 13-module Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course, for which I’m charging well below market rate for this type of program (and also offering payment plans). The amount of content and ongoing support from me that’s included in this program is far above and beyond what’s offered in programs that cost 3 times as much, and my course participants tell me so frequently. People also get lifetime access to the Fundamentals course material, because even though financially it would be much better for me to remove their access after a certain period of time, ethically I feel that it’s essential to support these participants all the way through their intuitive eating journey, which can be long and winding when you live in diet culture like we do.

  5. And finally my one-on-one coaching program, which offers the highest level of access to me and my knowledge, including more than ten hourlong 1:1 coaching sessions, unlimited email support between sessions, and free enrollment in my Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course for lifetime support.

I’m fully aware that not everyone will be able to afford my higher-tier offerings, and I know that may be frustrating; however, those who can pay for these services will not only be helping themselves, but they’ll also be helping tens of thousands of other people who utilize and rely on my free and lower-cost products and services. Without the people investing in my business at the higher tiers, I wouldn’t be able to continue making high-quality, free content that’s accessible to everyone, everywhere. By purchasing any of my offerings, you’ll be supporting a small, woman-owned business that’s helping to make a big difference for people of all backgrounds who struggle with disordered eating and body shame.  

I hope this helps give you some insight into why my prices are what they are, and I know it’s an imperfect solution. In the future, as my business grows and I’m able to secure larger book deals and partnerships, I plan to start offering scholarships and pay-what-you-can options for some of my higher-tier services. To help speed that along, I would love for you to partake in my free offerings and share them with anyone in your community who you think would benefit. 

Thank you so much for your time and support, and here’s to working together to dismantle diet culture.