Imagine having a peaceful, easy relationship with food.

Not spending all your time and energy worrying about food and your body. 

Being able to trust your body’s cues and nourish yourself fully. 

To stop restricting and stop feeling out of control with food. 

Freeing your mind to do your work, take care of yourself, spend time with the people you love, and answer your calling.

Being able to pursue your purpose—and to have the mental space to figure out what that is. 

Being able to own your power.

To build a better life for yourself and others.

To, you know, change the world.

Christy Harrison

I'm Christy Harrison, and I want to help you make that happen. 

I’m an intuitive eating coach, anti-diet dietitian, and journalist dedicated to helping people make peace with food and reclaim their lives from dieting.

I do this work because I know what it’s like to have a difficult relationship with food. I lost more than a decade of my life to dieting and disordered eating, missing out on countless important moments because my mind was hijacked by worries about food, weight, and how I looked. 

When I finally managed to recover, I realized that I wasn’t alone in struggling with these issues, and that this is really a systemic problem. A cultural problem.

The problem is diet culture, and it steals your life.  


The problem is that diet culture—aka The Life Thief—keeps us from trusting our innate wisdom about food.

Our culture is diet culture, a system of beliefs that keeps you stuck on thoughts of weight and shape instead of letting you be free to change the world. 

In addition to making you feel bad about your body, diet culture forces you to be hyper-vigilant about your eating (or ashamed of yourself when you're not). It keeps you so focused on food that you're distracted from your pleasure, your purpose, and your power.   

It steals your life—which is why I call it The Life Thief.

And you don't deserve to have your life stolen. No one does.

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You deserve freedom, trust, and connection in your relationship with food


I created this course to help you:

  • Give up dieting for good, so that you have your mind free to focus on the things that really matter
  • Take pleasure in food and stop fighting your desires, so that you can fully engage in all the moments of your life—from the mundane to the magical
  • Recognize, honor, and trust your body's signals of hunger and fullness, so that you feel nourished and cared for
  • Stop the restrict-binge cycle (or what I call The Restriction Pendulum) and find peace
  • Trust yourself with all foods—even those that were once "off-limits"—and stop feeling out of control 
  • Navigate emotional eating and learn new coping skills
  • Start to accept your body size and shape, and learn skills to fight internalized fatphobia and weight bias
  • Choose what to eat from a place of self-care and abundance, not self-control and deprivation
  • Start engaging in physical activity for the joy of movement, not as penance for your eating
  • ...and break free from The Life Thief, once and for all.
The gratitude that I feel for Christy, her team, and the Facebook group cannot even be put into words right now. I am at a place that I never imagined was actually possible for me. It is amazing, liberating, humbling, and exhilarating. This course saved me! It gave me such a deep understanding of intuitive eating as well as of myself. I gave up dieting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Kristina, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant

Are you ready to make peace with food and reclaim your life?


Join us and become an intuitive eater!

This special offer expires 30 days after purchase of the mini course

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Are you ready to experience deep and lasting peace with food?


This course is designed to help you get back in touch with your body and use it to guide your food choices, so that your mind is free for bigger and better things.

It sounds so easy to "just listen to your body," doesn't it? But as you probably know, this process is incredibly complex.

Maybe you've tried it before, and your initial attempts only seemed to confirm your sense that you couldn't trust your body. Maybe then you doubled down on your efforts to control it—and ended up feeling out of control yet again.

I know that struggle, and I know the way out. Intuitive eating helped me heal my own relationship with food many years ago, and in my work as a nutrition therapist and podcaster I've helped thousands of people on the same journey.

In this in-depth online course, I'm offering the same tools I provide over multiple one-on-one sessions for $5,000 or more—but now you can access them from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, for a fraction of the cost.

This course isn't designed for people with active eating disorders or those in early recovery, but it's definitely for you if you've recovered from an eating disorder or spent a lifetime fighting food.

The course has a calming effect on me. It soothes me when I feel anxious or disappointed in myself. It is helping me focus on feeling good from the inside out, instead of trying to change the outside in order to feel good on the inside.
— Jenny, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
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Join us to discover a wealth of new resources for food freedom


You'll get a rich array of multimedia tools, tips, and exercises to help you start making peace with food right away and troubleshoot common roadblocks.

  • 13 modules of in-depth content
  • Weekly audio lectures for listening on the go
  • Thought-provoking journal exercises to use throughout the course
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks for each module
  • Exclusive audio meditations to help you engage with your intuition
  • An exclusive library of monthly Q&A podcasts from me, with answers to all of the questions (hundreds and counting!) that come up for you and your fellow participants during the course
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for course participants, where you can connect with each other and get additional support from me and my staff
  • Weekly email prompts to help you stay on track 
  • Bonus podcasts and videos
  • Lifetime access to the course materials, including any future updates to this course
I am so GRATEFUL for the Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course! The course helped give me a community to stay on track towards a shared goal, which is so, so important. This course was extremely well designed and well written; I loved the infographics, as well as the links to pertinent Food Psych episodes. I also loved how a lot the concepts around self compassion and mindfulness reinforced things I’m also working on in therapy and in my life more broadly. I wouldn’t change anything about the course!
— M.M., Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
I love the journal exercises. It’s really helped me explore inner truths I’ve held so deep. And the online community is priceless!
— Stefani, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
I love the way the course is set out and that there is no pressure to get through it in any particular amount of time. And the order seemed to work so well. It seemed that just at the time I was getting to a specific module, I was in the right headspace to start working through it. I love that the nutrition is left to the end, in the same way it is in the book.
— Belinda, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
This course has been so helpful. I’ve learned so much about how the diet mentality and the food police in my head have led me to restrict foods. I’ve learned about self compassion and treating myself kindly. And the resources have been so valuable—the Q and A podcasts, in which participants can ask questions and get answers from Christy, are so helpful. I no longer feel alone in this journey towards peace with food.
— J.S., Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant

Are you ready to make peace with food and reclaim your life?


Join us and become an intuitive eater!

This special offer expires 30 days after purchase of the mini course

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13 modules of in-depth content to help you make peace with food


Module 1

Self-Compassionate Assessment 

  • Use self-compassion practices to make sustainable changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and relationship with yourself 
  • Determine your current barriers to a peaceful relationship with food, and develop a clear sense of what you want instead
  • Become aware of your inner critic and start challenging its messages
  • Skillfully navigate tough moments in your journey to life beyond dieting

Module two

Ditching the Diet Mentality 

  • Recognize the subtle diet rules and restrictions you’ve been holding onto, and let them go
  • Learn why dieting and attempting to change your body isn't serving you (or anyone, for that matter!)
  • Install new thoughts that support you in creating the joyful and easy relationship with food that you desire and deserve
  • Build skills and practices to help you shift into this new paradigm long-term

Module 3

Honoring Your Hunger

  • Learn what hunger cues feel like for you—and discover the subtle signals you may have been missing 
  • Bust myths about hunger that are perpetuated by diet culture 
  • Find out why intuitive eating is about so much more than just “eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full”
  • Uncover your inner wisdom about hunger and help you build faith in its power to guide you

Module 4

Making Peace with Food

  • Open up to your “off-limits” foods in a systematic way that makes you feel safe and empowered
  • Understand why you feel so compelled to eat “forbidden” foods, and what you can do to change that 
  • Navigate what I call the “honeymoon phase” of intuitive eating, when you ONLY want to eat those previously off-limits foods
  • Learn what it means to truly give yourself unconditional permission to eat

Module 5

Challenging the Food Police

  • Learn why the food police are bad for your health
  • Discover my three keys to making food choices without the food police, and why that leads to far better outcomes
  • Learn some essential self-care practices for letting go of rules and restrictions
  • Feel confident and secure in your ability to take care of yourself with food

Module 6

Feeling Your Fullness

  • Learn how to tune in to fullness from a place of self-care—not one of deprivation
  • Use all the other principles of intuitive eating to support you in being able to feel and honor your fullness 
  • Learn why there’s no such thing as a “perfect” level of fullness
  • Explore some of the deeper meanings of fullness, and how diet culture influences these meanings

Module 7

Finding Pleasure and Satisfaction in Food

  • Release fear around the idea of taking pleasure in food
  • Awaken your palate to new and exciting flavors 
  • Discover how to bring more joy into your cooking and eating
  • Feel confident in your food choices, knowing that pleasure will guide you toward balance and nourishment

Module 8

Navigating Emotional Eating

  • Learn why emotional eating is unfairly criticized in our society 
  • Gain clarity on what emotional eating is trying to tell you 
  • Discover ways to take care of yourself emotionally IN ADDITION to eating (not instead of eating) 
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of emotional eating episodes

Module 9

Respecting Your Body

  • Learn how to handle bad body image days
  • Discover the power of BEING in your body, rather than judging it from the outside 
  • Navigate your body’s unique strengths and limitations without judgment
  • Feel genuinely accepting (maybe even loving) toward your body 

Module 10

Learning Intuitive Movement

  • Find joyful ways of moving your body, and let go of obligatory and punishing exercise
  • Apply intuitive eating skills to your relationship with physical activity
  • Recognize your body’s cues about movement and rest
  • Learn how to stop using exercise to compensate for your eating

Module 11

Practicing Gentle Nutrition

  • Learn to relate to nutrition without falling back into the diet mentality
  • Approach nutrition from a place of self-care and body acceptance, NOT self-control and body shame
  • Use gentle nutrition as a way to enhance your satisfaction and pleasure, not detract from it  
  • Learn my super-simple, intuitive trick for building sustaining and delicious meals and snacks

Module 12


  • Navigate ups and downs on the path to peace with food
  • Learn why weight and body-mass index don’t mean anything about your health
  • Discover how to handle rebellious eating and bingeing
  • Deepen your self-compassion practice

Module 13

Moving from Intuitive Eating to Intuitive Living

  • Reflect on how your life has changed already, and what your ongoing goals are for life beyond dieting  
  • Strengthen your boundaries in relationships
  • Learn to navigate the inevitable diet-culture triggers you’ll encounter 
  • Open up to new possibilities for your life and future


Monthly Q&A Podcasts

  • Hear my answers to hundreds of previous questions from your fellow course participants
  • Ask your own questions and get answers from me each month for as long as you like (remember, you'll have lifetime access to the course!)
  • Get in-depth help with the nuts and bolts of intuitive eating


Private Facebook Group

  • Connect with fellow participants from around the world for support on your journey
  • Share tips and resources to help strengthen your intuitive eating practice
  • Get real-time guidance from me and my staff of compassionate coaches
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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Intuitive Eating Fundamentals start at a specific time?  

No, this is a self-paced online course, so you can start anytime! You'll get instant access when you sign up, and you can either dive in right away or come back and start the course later. You have lifetime access to the materials, so no need to worry about timing.  


Can I go away on vacation during the course without missing anything?

Absolutely! Since the course is self-paced and you have lifetime access, you can go away for a few weeks and pick up right where you left off. Your access will never expire, so take all the time you need!


Do I need to have any prior knowledge of intuitive eating?

Not at all! The course helps you work through each of the principles of intuitive eating, so you don't have to be familiar with them to start. By the end you'll have an excellent working knowledge of intuitive eating.


I'm already familiar with intuitive eating. Will this course still give me something new?

Absolutely! I've designed the course to address common issues with putting intuitive eating into practice, so if you're already familiar with the concept but haven't fully incorporated it into your life, this course will help get you there. The multimedia format suits a variety of learning styles, and the interactive exercises help deepen your understanding.


I'm struggling with an eating disorder. Can I take this course?

This course is NOT designed for people with active eating disorders or people in the early stages of recovery. Eating disorders can make your hunger and fullness cues unreliable, and attempting to practice intuitive eating while in this state can actually worsen your eating disorder. Please wait to purchase this course until your eating disorder is in remission, and then ask your treatment team whether the course is appropriate for you. 


I've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I think I have some form of disordered eating. Can I take the course?

Disordered eating is a spectrum, and many people—including most American women—have it to some degree. This course IS designed for people who have disordered eating behaviors such as yo-yo dieting, occasional bingeing, and vacillating between restriction and overeating, without significant medical complications or high-risk behaviors such as gastroparesis, purging, or medication abuse.


What if I have another medical condition?

In scientific studies, intuitive eating has been shown to be effective in managing and reducing the risk of many chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Ask your doctor if you have specific concerns.


Will intuitive eating help me lose weight?

Intuitive eating is not intended as a weight-loss method. Some people may lose weight when they learn to honor their bodies, while others gain weight they'd lost through restriction and deprivation. Still others maintain their weight with intuitive eating. Weight loss is NOT a goal of intuitive eating or of this course, which is based on principles of Health at Every Size® and body acceptance.  


I'm a clinician who wants to use intuitive eating in my practice. Can I take this course?

Yes! The material is presented at a level suitable for clients and clinicians alike, and the program is evidence-based. Clinicians can request to use and adapt the course materials (by obtaining written permission from my staff) for partial use in their one-on-one work with clients. Clinicians may also have clients purchase the course and then work through it with them. To inquire about permission to use course materials in group settings, please contact us. (All course contents, including this page, are copyrighted material.)


Are there any scholarships available if I can't afford the course?

I'm not able to offer scholarships to the course at this time, since the cost is already far below market rate for the value provided—only $33 per week if you go through the course in 13 weeks, with lifetime access to the materials. The actual cost per week is far lower if you take several weeks with each module, as compared to other group programs that range from $75 to hundreds per week. 


If you have any questions about the course that weren't answered above, click below to ask yours!

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More praise for my work

I’m so grateful to have found you and your work, Christy. You are such a great fit for me — you’re so compassionate, so rooted in science, and so supportive. It’s really great having your encouragement and insights as I get deeper and deeper into the world of Health at Every Size and intuitive eating. This whole journey has been nothing short of a revelation for me, and I look forward to our continued work together.
— Meredith, coaching client
This is my absolute favorite podcast out there. Every guest on Christy’s show, as well as Christy herself, inspire me to love my body and love myself.
— DanikaDale, Food Psych iTunes review
Christy’s approach is the anthesis to diet culture. When she introduced me to the concepts of HAES, intuitive eating, fat positivity and size as a social justice issue, everything made sense. It made recovery from disordered eating possible where it hadn’t been previously. Because of this I really do have my life back, and I can look forward to a future free from worries about food and weight.
— Libby, coaching client
When I met Christy I immediately found a safe space to land, and her way of working made things so clear to me. Her knowledge is enormous, and so much shifted for me in our sessions. I truly recommend Christy.
— Johanna, coaching client
I’ve been practicing intuitive eating for about 4 years and this podcast has truly helped support me in my journey! Knowing that there is a community out there that understands what I’m going through and being able to listen when I need some extra support has meant so much to me. Thank you Christy!
— Belle8855, Food Psych iTunes review
This podcast has been SO helpful in my journey... My hope is to one day truly be an intuitive eater. Listening to your show encourages, inspires, and educates me. Most of all, it gives me hope. Thank you so much for all that you do!
— Lisafighting, Food Psych iTunes review
This podcast is life-changing.
— Kailac, Food Psych iTunes review
This course gives me hope, it challenges my thoughts, it provides me help when I need it, and there are lot of journal exercises that I truly enjoy. I’m thankful for being exposed to another, a kind of anti-diet world, and I definitely see meal plans and weight loss apps through different eyes today. I can’t say how grateful I am that I found this course, Christy and all the members who support me daily through our Facebook group!
— Julie, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
I love the course! Every week, I’m learning more about me. I feel comfortable when I look in the mirror. I’m not pining to be in a thinner body like I have for most of my life. I’m not scared of food anymore. You are helping me give myself compassion—it’s my go-to response instead of my afterthought. I’m so very grateful for your course, Christy!
— Cathy, Intuitive Eating Fundamentals course participant
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Get in there!


Are you ready to make peace with food and make space for the things that really matter? To break free from The Life Thief and see what's on the other side?

Are you ready to OWN your life? 


Join us and become an intuitive eater!

This special offer expires 30 days after purchase of the mini course